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The Roses & Pins, the inside story!
Cruise Season 2014 is our Most Successful to Date!
Dressing for your Saint John Adventure
Memories of The Saint John City Market
USA Today Picks The Bay of Fundy as 1 of 10 Amazing Road Trips in North America!


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The Roses & Pins, the inside story!

I recieved the following question from one of my passengers and thought hey, I bet alot of people would appreacaite this story!

3 Ships visit Saint John & the Bay of Fundy in October

On 2014-09-29 13:42, Grann wrote:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the terrific tour and pictures.

Question – what is the reason for receiving the roses or flag pins (?) for men when we disembarked from the Gradeur of the Seas in Saint John. Couldn't remember the story and am putting together an album about the cruise.

Until later

Ann T. Thompson (the crab bag lady with Goetz's candy from Baltimore!

Cruise Season 2014 is our Most Successful to Date!

Hello out there in vacationland!

The Cruise season is in full swing now with ships arriving almost daily! Our schedule is nearly full with only a few dates still available to host tours. Please act fast if you plan on booking a tour as we are selling out availability fast!

Of course as in years past our most popular tour is of the Top Sites of Saint John & St Martin's and the Bay of Fundy.This tour includes but is not limited to:

Pick up at Terminal 

St. Patrick’s Memorial Park (Historical Site)

Dressing for your Saint John Adventure

So you’re coming out to explore in Saint John!
First of all, thanks for deciding to come out to play in Saint John!  So what do you need to know about the weather? I bet you have a dozen questions. What does one wear to walk on the ocean floor? Is it cold in Saint John? 

3 Ships in October in Saint John Harbour

Saint John, being located right on the Bay of Fundy, experiences moderate weather year round. As the water in the Bay stays cold, between 31 degrees F and 34 degrees F, it has a moderating effect on the weather. In summer months, the cold water of the Bay of Fundy cools the warm summer winds, keeping the city 5-10 degrees cooler than just a few miles inland.

USA Today Picks The Bay of Fundy as 1 of 10 Amazing Road Trips in North America!

USA Today has discovered The Bay of Fundy! Posted on June 27, 2013USA Todaystory listed the Bay of Fundy as one of its picks for Top 10 Road Trips in North America. In part the story reads:

 " Fundy Coastal Drive, New Brunswick

Distance: 220 miles from St. Andrews to Moncton

New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy is home to the world's most extreme tides, and there's no better way to see them than on a scenic drive along the province's coastline. Begin in St. Andrews, a lovely seaside resort town where art galleries, shops, and a luxuriant public garden make up the downtown area and kayak and whale-watching tours line the cove.